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Plasma lipid signature to identify presymptomatic individuals that may progress to Alzheimer's disease (AD)

Clinical data suggest plasma lipids could help identify presymptomatic individuals who will develop AD or mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The 5-year study included 46 patients who already had AD or MCI, 28 initially unaffected individuals who were diagnosed with AD or MCI during the study and 73 unaffected age-matched controls. In plasma samples from the participants, lipidomics analysis identified a panel of 8 phosphatidylcholines and 2 acylcarnitines that predicted the conversion of unaffected patients to diagnosis with AD or MCI with 90% sensitivity and 90% specificity. A forthcoming manuscript will report the results of transcriptomic and genomic analyses of plasma samples from the same cohort (see Plasma lipids: harbingers of AD?, page 9).

SciBX 7(11); doi:10.1038/scibx.2014.323
Published online March 20, 2014

Patented by the University of Rochester and Georgetown University; unlicensed

Mapstone, M. et al. Nat. Med.; published online March 9, 2014;
Contact: Howard J. Federoff, Georgetown University,
Washington, D.C.