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Antibiotic mode of action profile (BioMAP) screening to identify and classify antibiotics in natural product extracts

Comparing the inhibitory profiles of natural product extracts with those of known classes of antibiotics could help identify new antibiotic leads. MICs of 72 commercially available antibiotics with multiple mechanisms of action were determined against 15 bacterial strains. A computational analysis that compared the MIC profiles of these known drugs with the MIC profile of natural product extract fractions helped identify a structurally unique naphthoquinone antibiotic with a distinct inhibitory profile. In vitro, the antibiotic inhibited bacterial cell growth at 12.5-50 mM concentrations. Next steps include screening a 5,000-member marine natural product library to identify additional antibiotic scaffolds for development.

SciBX 5(48); doi:10.1038/scibx.2012.1267
Published online Dec. 13, 2012

Unpatented; licensing status not applicable; compounds can be screened on a fee-for-service basis through the University of California, Santa Cruz Chemical Screening Center

Wong, R.W. et al. Chem. Biol.; published online Nov. 21, 2012;
Contact: Roger G. Linington, University of California, Santa Cruz, Calif.