Guest CommentaryAnother view on IR/PR

Last week's BioCentury Commentary, noting the pressure that some companies feel to field an investor relations/public relations campaign, argued that IR/PR could not create a lasting impression of value unless the company had created intrinsic value in the first place. In response, Mark Brand writes that a larger issue is the process by which companies calibrate realistic expectations of IR/PR and find a firm that fits these needs. Brand owns MRA Brand, a Boulder, Colo., company that conducts communications searches and investor and corporate communications programs.

Your Commentary in the Jan. 29 issue of BioCentury should be made mandatory reading for everyone concerned with projecting an image of sound management and shareholder value within the biotechnology industry. While there can be no disagreement over the need for substance over hype, I feel that the role of IR/PR within the biotechnology industry merits additional discussion.