By Steve Usdin
Contributing Editor

WASHINGTON - Members of an NIH advisory panel on Friday excoriated the reasonable pricing clause in the NIH model Cooperative Research and Development Agreement after hearing representatives of industry, academia and NIH describe the negative impact it has had on government-industry cooperation.
The panel members are consultants to the Advisory Committee to the NIH Director (ACD). The ACD meets twice annually and will consider the results of the deliberations when it meets again in September. A report based on the panel's discussions will be forwarded to NIH Director Harold Varmus.
Varmus started the day's deliberations by telling the committee that another NIH panel concluded in December that sponsored research agreements work well and were in compliance with the Bayh-Dole technology transfer act.

Cumbersome process
However, he said, there is anxiety at NIH regarding "the cumbersome nature of the process by which CRADAs are worked out, the fact that the number of CRADAs has not increased relative to research agreements at