BETHESDA, Md - Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, unveiled a blueprint for development of an HIV/AIDS vaccine that includes restructuring NIH's interactions with industry to make them far more predictable.

The plan is intended to jump-start vaccine development, which has lagged behind other AIDS treatment and prevention research, Fauci said last week. The plan is the basis for a collaboration between NIAID and Pasteur Merieux-Connaught and Chiron Biocine that could lead to a Phase II trial of a "prime-plus-boost" canary pox HIV vaccine by the first half of 1997.

The plan is described in a report, "NIAID HIV/AIDS Vaccine Research and Development; Strategy and Opportunity," that Fauci released at the Conference on Advances in AIDS Vaccine Development.

Four elements

NIAID's HIV vaccine strategy has four elements, according to the plan: a program of scientific inquiry integrating fundamental research and empiric development; "developing more and better-defined partnerships between NIAID and industry sponsors of vaccine development"; identifying scientific opportunities to accelerate HIV vaccine R&D and determining their resource requirements; and strengthening linkages with communities and other organizations working in the field.