The biotech group led the charge in the third quarter, as the BioCentury 100 rose 17 percent. Tied for second were the BioCentury London Index and the NASDAQ Composite, each posting 2 percent gains. The other major indices were below water (see table). Leading year-to-date is the BioCentury London index, which is up 32 percent through Sept. 30, followed closely by the NASDAQ Composite (25 percent) and the BioCentury 100 (24 percent).

The aggregate market cap of the 10 companies in The Carson Group's Large Cap Group totaled $99.8 billion at quarter-end, up $16.4 billion (20 percent) over the 13-week period. The 190 companies in the Smaller Cap group totaled $54.7 billion, a $9.9 billion increase from June 30.