Kleiner Perkins breaks its rules with Corixa Immunex Corp. co-founder Steven Gillis is turning his immunology skills to vaccine development. Gillis has joined Corixa Corp., a Seattle-based Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers startup that today was to announce the completion of a first venture round of $15 million.
Other investors are Enterprise Partners, Interwest Partners, Olympic Venture Partners and Forward Ventures.
Corixa is the only biopharmaceutical startup funded by Kleiner Perkins in 1994 and represents a different business and financing model than past investments by the venture firm, according to Kleiner Perkins partner and Corixa chairman Joseph Lacob.
Kleiner Perkins has been interested in T cell vaccines since 1988, and originally planned to make the idea part of CellPro Inc. But the technology wasn't yet mature enough, and only recently has there been sufficient technology developed to build into a company, Lacob said.

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