Emerging Company Profile Fibromed: Clearing the haze

Fibromed Inc. sees a clear route to the market in the temporary haze created by photorefractive keratotomy (PRK), an increasingly popular technique for laser eye surgery. Although Fibromed's core technology, lysyl oxidase inhibition, has a multitude of potential applications, the company is focusing its resources on getting an ophthalmic ointment designed to speed recovery from PRK into the clinic.

Fibromed's technology is based on research by Herbert Kagan at Boston University School of Medicine showing that inhibition of lysyl oxidase interrupts the cross-linking of collagen, preventing fibrosis. The condition, which can occur in virtually any organ, is characterized by the excessive accumulation of connective tissue, primarily the protein collagen, in response to injury or inflammation. Fibrosis is damaging because it results in the infiltration of specialized tissue, such as cardiac muscle, with collagen to the extent that organ function is