Emerging Company Profile

ObeSys: killer of fat cells

As everyone who has ever slid gracefully into middle age knows, little pockets of fat take up residence that even a starvation diet can't eliminate. Among the growing number of companies focused on obesity, ObeSys Inc. has the potential to target adipocytes - those fat cells - both systemically and on a selective basis via direct injection.
The London company was formed in 1994 based on the convergence of two technologies: an immunological approach to the killing of adipocytes developed in the agricultural sector, and the maturation of technology for making human or humanized antibodies. The company's goal is to develop a systemic treatment for obesity based on complement-mediated lysis of adipocytes by human or humanized antibodies. Site-specific "biological liposuction" would complement other anti-obesity treatments in development.
'New areas'
"Antibody companies are always targeting the same thing: cancer and autoimmune disease," said Christopher Hentschel, executive chairman of the board and a founder of ObeSys. "Over a few beers we were trying to think of new areas that antibodies could be targeted to