7:14 PM Dec 07, 2018

Path to opioid-free pain relief

To jump-start development of analgesics that can help stem the opioid crisis, companies want FDA’s upcoming guidelines to reduce uncertainty around outcomes that constitute clinically meaningful...

6:33 PM Dec 07, 2018

Intermittent move beyond Blincyto

A swath of data at ASH shows that companies have been able to move beyond the 28-day continuous dosing of Amgen Inc.’s first-generation BiTE, Blincyto, to build next-generation antibodies with...

5:21 PM Dec 07, 2018

Novo gets serious about AI-guided drug design

Novo Nordisk A/S is fashioning its R&D makeover to integrate artificial intelligence across its drug discovery and development process, after a pilot program delivered the cost and time...

7:55 PM Dec 06, 2018

Filaments line up as MS biomarker

Neurofilament assays appear on track to become the biomarker of choice for a wide range of neurodegeneration studies, given their tight correlation with axon damage and detectability in blood.

7:31 PM Dec 06, 2018

Germline editing gets technical

As the smoke clears from Jiankui He’s bombshell germline editing announcement, the gap between where the gene editing field is now and where it would need to be to support responsible germline...


Latest News

5:13 PM Dec 10, 2018

China details punishments for IP fraud

China's National Development and Reform Commission published a list of 38 punishments, to be implemented...

4:39 PM Dec 10, 2018

Management tracks: Grail, EUSA

Cancer detection company Grail Inc. (Menlo Park, Calif.) appointed Catherine Friedman chairman. She...

4:36 PM Dec 10, 2018

U.K. pharmas shrug off Brexit vote delay

Shares of U.K. pharma stocks rose Monday despite a delay in the Brexit vote as the pound sunk to a 20-...

4:28 PM Dec 10, 2018

NIH to invest $20M in fetal tissue alternatives

NIH said Monday it plans to invest up to $20 million over the next two years to develop and validate...

3:58 PM Dec 10, 2018

Genentech's Anderson to succeed O'Day at Roche

Genentech Inc. CEO Bill Anderson will succeed Daniel O’Day as the CEO of the pharmaceuticals division of...

3:15 PM Dec 10, 2018

FDA clears Pear's app for opioid use disorder

FDA granted market clearance to reSET-O, a prescription digital therapeutic from Pear Therapeutics Inc. (...

12:37 PM Dec 10, 2018

U.K. government says Orkambi must go through proper NICE channels

Responding to a petition calling for NHS England to cover cystic fibrosis drug Orkambi lumacaftor/...

12:23 PM Dec 10, 2018

Veteran Roche cancer executive O'Day to lead Gilead

Daniel O’Day will inherit a pile of cash and a company that is looking beyond infectious disease to...

3:50 PM Dec 07, 2018

Management tracks: MiMedx, Akorn, Mallinckrodt

Following a spate of resignations this summer, MiMedx Group Inc. (NASDAQ:MDXG) announced three executive...

3:47 PM Dec 07, 2018

Stein, Temple promoted at CDER

FDA's Office of New Drugs (OND) announced Friday the appointment of Peter Stein as director and Robert...

3:04 PM Dec 07, 2018

Belgian team to build patient-derived chips to model neuronal circuits in Parkinson's

Fueled by a $1.05 million award from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a Belgian team plans to build patient-...

2:45 PM Dec 07, 2018

AC Immune CSO Muhs passes away

AC Immune S.A. (NASDAQ:ACIU) said CSO Andreas Muhs has passed away after a period of illness. Innovation...

2:43 PM Dec 07, 2018

China releases final results of centralized procurement bids

China's Joint Procurement Office released the final results of its centralized procurement pilot program...

2:43 PM Dec 07, 2018

U.K. warns pharma industry to prepare for six-month import delay across straits

The U.K. government has revised its no-deal Brexit contingency plans and now expects import delays of up...

2:02 PM Dec 07, 2018

WuXi AppTec prices Hong Kong offering in stormy market

Despite global trade headwinds and a choppy market for biopharma stocks in China, WuXi AppTec Co. Ltd. (...

12:19 PM Dec 07, 2018

Synthorx gains following $131M IPO

Synthetic biology company Synthorx Inc. (NASDAQ:THOR) gained $1.61 (15%) to $12.61 Friday after raising $...

12:13 PM Dec 07, 2018

Momenta, Global Blood price follow-ons

Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:MNTA) and Global Blood Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:GBT) have each...

11:55 AM Dec 07, 2018

UCSD team offers access to newly identified antimalaria leads

A University of California San Diego team has published openly 631 antimalaria compounds identified...

9:57 AM Dec 07, 2018

Moderna loses $1.4B in trading debut

Moderna Inc. (NASDAQ:MRNA) tumbled out of the gate on Friday, losing $4.40 (19%) to $18.60 in its trading...

9:50 AM Dec 07, 2018

Millendo, OvaScience merge, raise $50M

Emerging from the reverse-merger of private endocrine company Millendo Therapeutics Inc. and former public...

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