Alnylam's lipid sync

Why Alnylam, Medicines Co. think ALN-PCSsc could best anti-PCSK9s on adherence

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc. and The Medicines Co. think an RNA-based approach to lowering LDL-C could help patients adhere to treatment by enabling them to receive therapy at the same time they are normally scheduled for a cholesterol check. The partners are exploring whether the treatment could be offered at laboratories or pharmacies where cholesterol is checked, and intend to collect data on adherence to satisfy payers.

Phase I data presented at the European Society of Cardiology meeting on Aug. 30 showed a single dose of ALN-PCSsc resulted in mean LDL lowering of 28-48% vs. 7% for placebo across dose cohorts after 12 weeks - the duration of study for the primary safety endpoint. The LDL lowering persisted for at least 140 days among patients who continued follow-up visits. The study enrolled healthy volunteers with

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