Nurturing killer seeds

Why Index Nursery plans to publicize wins, failures of VC's killer experiments

Index Ventures is not the first VC to operate an incubator that conducts killer experiments on seed projects. But what could set the "Index Nursery" apart is the firm's intention to publicize its failures along with its successes.

According to Index's David Grainger, the firm is looking to put the Index Nursery front and center, in part by giving a name and structure to the seed phase discovery projects that have been going on at the firm for the past decade. Nothing changes operationally, as the firm will continue to source projects from academia and industry that are led by entrepreneurs and Index partners.

"It is a platform for these seed investments to go into a virtual project in order to do the killer experiment," he told BioCentury.

Now, said Grainger, the firm plans to launch a dedicated website for the Nursery in the next one or two months, where it will publish the killer experiments and the results for each project.

Grainger noted that many incubators operate in stealth mode, with failures never seeing the light of day. In contrast, Index hopes its Nursery can convince entrepreneurs that conducting an

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