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As published for the week of Monday, March 30, 2015

  • Cover Story: Product Development: Ready for PRIME time

    Biogen gambles that aducanumab Phase 1b can define the therapeutic window

    By Emily Cukier-Meisner, Senior Writer

    If interim data on cognition that Biogen Inc. reported for aducanumab in Alzheimer's disease hold up, the risk of jumping directly from Phase Ib to Phase III testing will be more than worth it. The data, from exploratory endpoints in the Phase Ib PRIME study, are among the best ever reported for an anti-beta amyloid antibody to treat AD.

    Charles DeCarli, a professor of neurology at the University of California Davis, said if the magnitude of the apparent benefit held up over the course of a patient's illness, it would double the amount of time that patients remained functionally independent.

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Money Raised in 2015

Last week, the biotech industry raised $3,247 million, bringing to $23.2 billion the total raised year-to-date. In 2014, a total of $54.6 billion was raised, including $21.5 billion in debt, $11.1 billion in follow-ons, $3.9 billion in PIPEs and other equity, $9.1 billion in IPOs, and $9 billion in venture capital. Totals include overallotments and warrants, and are rounded to the nearest millions.

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