Product Development
Novavax secures multicountry access to COVID-19 vaccine

Building on its commitment to make its COVID-19 vaccine globally accessible, Novavax closed two partnerships this week to supply Japan, India and lower income countries with doses ...

Data sharing in and after COVID, with Takeda’s Anne Heatherington: a BioCentury podcast

Among the barriers broken by biopharmas during COVID-19 is the concept of data sharing, an idea far from standard practice in the industry, gaining life due to the gravity and ...

From diagnosis to screening: asymptomatic COVID-19 testing pushes forward, with lessons from cancer

The growing demand for asymptomatic COVID-19 testing is shifting the conversation from one-time diagnosis to ongoing screening, and from single results to population outcomes. ...

Bringing COVID-19 vaccines to authorization faster through data sharing

Developers of leading COVID-19 vaccines won’t be able to meet global demand on their own, but they do have the power to accelerate global coverage by helping each other reach ...

China’s updated reimbursement list likely to see COVID-19 therapies, more anti-PD-1s

Monday marks the final day the public can comment on a draft plan for China’s next National Drug Reimbursement List, which could be updated to include countermeasures for ...

Data Bytes: taking stock of Biogen’s pipeline as aducanumab timeline comes into focus

As its high-profile Alzheimer’s candidate aducanumab has inched toward the finish line, Biogen has been diversifying its neurology portfolio beyond the high-risk indication. The ...

Survey: sweet spots and vulnerabilities for dealmaking in the COVID era

Heading into the second half of the year with cautious optimism, drug developers see opportunities for dealmaking created by COVID-19, as well as challenges. If their predictions ...

Freeline, Checkmate make NASDAQ debuts as 2020 pads its record-setting IPO tally

NASDAQ debuts by Syncona gene therapy company Freeline and Checkmate, a cancer company co-founded by Art Krieg, pushed the year’s IPO haul to $14.7 billion, more than double the ...

Translation in Brief
Cocrystal’s COVID-19 antivirals; plus a portable breast cancer diagnostic, Tarveda mini-drug conjugate for solid tumors, and more

Broad-spectrum coronavirus protease inhibitors
A Wichita State University, University of Iowa and Kansas State University team reported in a Science ...

Management Tracks
PacBio shifts executive team; plus changes at CMAB, Valo, Alentis, Amwell and more

Pacific Biosciences of California Inc. (NASDAQ:PACB) announced a series of management changes Friday. Chairman Christian Henry will become president and CEO,

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