It’s been a hell of a millennium -- and it’s just getting started

New medicines have transformed medicine since 2000

BioCentury, like the biomedical innovation ecosystem it serves, is relentlessly focused on the future, but the turn of a decade is a good time to check in on the progress industry has made possible -- which diseases have been transformed and which are on the cusp.

In less than twenty years, several deadly diseases have been transformed into manageable, chronic conditions; the word “cure” has been added to the lexicon; and conditions once thought of as inevitable consequences of aging have been re-imaged.

BioCentury has identified a few diseases where the outlook for patients is completely different from the start of the millennium. This list is not intended to be comprehensive but to highlight some of the areas where biopharmas have delivered on the promise to turn scientific advances into medicines that save and improve lives (see Figure: “Diseases Transformed by Medicines Since 2000”).

Marking accomplishments isn’t a call for complacency. As important as the innovations have been, the unmet medical need in many diseases remains enormous.

Nonetheless, the achievements

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