ASH abstracts point to new targets for AML and CAR therapies

An analysis of the nearly 5,000 abstracts to be presented at the American Society of Hematology meeting shows research on acute myelogenous leukemia will dominate.

BioCentury analyzed more than 2,200 abstracts concerning clinical research, including studies of therapeutics and diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers.

More than three-quarters of the clinical presentations during the Dec. 3-6 meeting in San Diego will concern hematologic cancers.

Unlike the preclinical abstracts, which were more heavily weighted toward leukemias, clinical leukemia and lymphoma abstracts each made up roughly 40% of the clinical abstract mentions, with the remaining 20% referencing multiple myeloma (MM) or myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS).

“That usually says something when a lot of quality people are rushing into an area.”

Brad Loncar, Loncar Fund

AML was most common cancer subtype, accounting for 307 (18%) of the 1,747 abstracts pertaining to cancers (see “ASH: Top Clinical Indications”).

AML also took a greater share of the

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