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Scripps' Sigma factor

Academic and industry researchers eager to use new tool compounds typically must reproduce synthetic schemes published in academic journals or wait months for reagent makers to list new compounds in their catalogs. To speed up the process, The Scripps Research Institute has partnered with Sigma-Aldrich Corp. to fast-track access to new research reagents from Scripps chemistry labs.

The deal gives the reagent maker exclusive, early access to tool compounds from six of the institute's chemistry labs. The agreement initially covers IP from labs led by professors Phil Baran, Jin-Quan Yu, Benjamin Cravatt, Carlos Barbas, Philip Dawson and K. Barry Sharpless.

The goal is to have commercial batches of the compounds available from Sigma-Aldrich as soon as a paper describing the compounds is published online.

"Today, when a paper gets published, the reagents aren't necessarily commercially available until 6 to 12 months later," said Amanda Halford, VP of academic research at Sigma-Aldrich. "We want to cut that timeline and make the reagents available exactly at the time of publication."

Scott Forrest, VP of business development at Scripps, said the deal builds on previous collaborations between individual Scripps researchers and Sigma-Aldrich and gives the reagent maker broad and early access to

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