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12:08 PM, Mar 23, 2017  |  BC Innovations | Finance

Biology on the mind

Less than a year and a half after its launch, the Dementia Discovery Fund has spawned four new companies and invested almost 10% of the roughly $100 million it raised in 2015. With a goal...
2:48 PM, Mar 09, 2017  |  BC Innovations | Finance

Pharmas learn their A, B, seeds

Having stepped in to fill the venture funding void after the financial crisis, corporate VCs are emerging as financing engines for new company formation. Driven largely by the flood of interest in immuno-oncology, pharmas are...
1:27 PM, Feb 09, 2017  |  BC Innovations | Finance

Managing Goliaths

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) gained popularity as the go-to solution for translational problems, along the feel-good philosophy that a problem shared is a problem halved. But even institutions that frequently use them have come to recognize...
12:57 PM, Feb 09, 2017  |  BC Innovations | Finance

PPP decline

BioCentury’s sixth annual analysis of public-private partnerships (PPPs) shows the lowest number of new alliances in 2016 since tracking began. The decline is a stark contrast to the enthusiasm of 2012, suggesting partners are becoming...
2:41 PM, Jan 19, 2017  |  BC Innovations | Finance

IMI branches out

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is broadening its base in its latest call for proposals by bringing in funding partners from the non-profit sector. The new partners will add to the portfolio of projects backed...
1:03 PM, Jan 19, 2017  |  BC Innovations | Finance

Kurma chameleon

French life science VC Kurma Partners S.A. is experimenting with a new investment model to accelerate the transfer of European academic research into the commercial setting with less risk than standard seed investments. The firm...
8:21 AM, Dec 22, 2016  |  BC Innovations | Finance

Starting up stem cells

In launching BlueRock Therapeutics with a $225 million series A round, comprehensive IP portfolio and set of strategic partnerships, Versant Ventures and Bayer AG are sending a message they are not only ready to go...
5:50 AM, Dec 14, 2016  |  BC Innovations | Finance

Politicizing science

While the FDA reform provisions in the 21st Century Cures Act give the agency backing to carefully advance some of its long-term objectives, an analysis of the bill’s details suggests that when it comes to...
12:00 AM, Oct 20, 2016  |  BC Innovations | Finance

3Q16 Public-Private Partnership Roundup

  Formation of new PPPs cooled off considerably this summer after a blistering pace in 2Q16, with the fewest preclinical research-oriented partnerships since 3Q14. Only 37 partnerships were recorded by BioCentury in 3Q16, a nearly 50%...
12:00 AM, Oct 06, 2016  |  BC Innovations | Finance

X-ing out resistance

Government, charity and academic organizations in the U.S. and U.K. are teaming up to bridge the translational valley of death for new products to battle antimicrobial resistance with Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Biopharmaceutical Accelerator (CARB-X),...