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12:00 AM, Jun 29, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

UTHR gets new Beraprost rights

United Therapeutics (UTHR) acquired exclusive North American rights to develop a sustained release formulation of Beraprost prostacyclin from Toray Industries (Tokyo, Japan). UTHR, which is conducting Phase III studies of an immediate-release formulation of Beraprost...
12:00 AM, Jun 29, 2000  |  BC Extra | Financial News

Myriad receives $24 million

MYGN sold 300,000 unregistered shares at $80 per share, a 7.5 percent discount to the 15-day trailing average of its stock price, to an undisclosed European pharmaceutical company. Friedli Corporate Finance and Swissfirst Bank served...
12:00 AM, Jun 29, 2000  |  BC Extra | Politics & Policy

House passes GOP Medicare bill

At the end of a tumultuous day of parliamentary maneuvering and bitter partisan combat, the House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a Medicare prescription drug benefit bill. The vote, originally scheduled to take place Wednesday...
12:00 AM, Jun 29, 2000  |  BC Extra | Top Story

Rothschild back in biotech

Rothschild Asset Management, the fund manager for International Biotechnology Trust that has said for the last 14 months that it is exiting biotech, has u-turned and decided to stay in the sector. Under the new...
12:00 AM, Jun 29, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Incyte expands agreement with Lilly

The companies will identify and select secreted molecules that are candidates for therapeutic protein development under an expanded 1996 agreement. LLY also will obtain options to license multiple therapeutic protein patents from INCY. In 1996,...
12:00 AM, Jun 29, 2000  |  BC Extra | Politics & Policy

U.S. outlines ag trade negotiating position

The U.S. will insist that rules for new technologies, including biotechnology, under any new international agricultural trade agreement are "transparent, predictable, and timely," according to an outline of the U.S. negotiating position released Thursday by...
12:00 AM, Jun 29, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Diversa joint venture with Dow

DVSA and DOW formed a 50-50 joint venture to develop industrial enzymes. The venture will contract with DVSA for enzyme discovery and evolution, and will contract with DOW for optimized strains, expression and product development...
12:00 AM, Jun 29, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Celera sells database subs to Australia

The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has taken out a multi-year subscription to five CRA databases, including bioinformatics tools and browsers. Under the subscription NHMRC can provide the technology to its publicly...
12:00 AM, Jun 29, 2000  |  BC Extra | Clinical News

IntraBiotics starts Ramoplanin Phase III

IBPI began U.S. Phase III testing of its oral Ramoplanin inhibitor of gram-positive bacterial cell wall synthesis to reduce the incidence of bloodstream infections due to vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) in 1,000 cancer patients....
12:00 AM, Jun 29, 2000  |  BC Extra | Clinical News

Oxo Chemie starts hepatitis C Phase II

Oxo (Fribourg, Switzerland) began an 80-patient Phase II trial in Germany and Hong Kong of Macrokine to treat chronic active hepatitis C virus. The trial will assess the effect of Macrokine on liver enzymes, necroinflammatory...