Academic sponsors lag industry in reporting clinical trial results

An analysis of compliance with U.S. clinical trial reporting laws and regulations found widespread failures among academic institutions and a higher reporting rate among biopharma companies.

Science investigated compliance with a law that required sponsors to post summaries of trial results on within a year of trial completion.

“Reporting rates by most large pharmaceutical companies and some universities have improved sharply but performance by many other trial sponsors -- including, ironically, NIH itself -- was lackluster,” Science concluded.

The analysis identified Harvard University-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital, the University of Minnesota and Baylor College of Medicine as “habitual violators” of reporting requirements. Other institutions with poor track records include the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic, Yale University and NIH institutes.

Out of 21 biopharma companies with the largest number of clinical trial filings, nine had 100% compliance with reporting requirements.

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