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Poseida gains proof of concept for solid tumor CAR T

Prostate cancer data a scientific step forward for CAR Ts, but don’t guarantee a market for the cells

Sep 1, 2021 | 12:55 AM GMT

One year after a patient death was reported in its Phase I prostate cancer study, Poseida is providing some of the strongest evidence to date — from the same trial — that CAR T cells may work in solid tumors.

It’s a scientific step forward for the modality, which has shined in hematological malignancies, but so far has failed to translate to solid tumors. It still isn’t clear, however, whether the safety and efficacy are high enough to become competitive in solid tumor markets.

At the CAR-TCR Summit virtual meeting on Tuesday, Poseida Therapeutics Inc.(NASDAQ:PSTX)

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