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How buysiders are sizing up commercial launches during the pandemic

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Commercial launches were expected to be one of the biopharma activities hit hardest by the pandemic, but some new products have performed better than expected. The environment is not only pushing biotechs to new practices, but causing investors to re-write the rules for predicting successful commercial market entry as they look to the second half of 2020.

Factors that went largely unnoticed six months ago have become central to investor analyses, including the accessibility of a drug and how well the product, and the company manufacturing it, can fit a virtual launch model.

With patients avoiding hospitals, physicians delaying appointments and prescribing patterns shifting, a pandemic seems like the worst time to launch a new drug.

But in many cases, that’s not how it has played out.

Whereas some products that require in-hospital administration, extensive physician education or wide-reaching marketing for prevalent indications have struggled to break into the market, therapies for niche indications and oral alternatives to marketed injectables have found expanded commercial opportunities due to the pandemic.

“Companies are running webinars where the audience is well in excess of what they’d expected, and they are doing it very cheaply.”

David Borah, GW&K

Among the 32 new small molecules and biologics

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