21st century pandemic, prehistoric clinical trials: Guest Commentary

It’s long past time to embrace randomized controlled trials as the fastest path to answers in a pandemic, says Luciana Borio

The U.S. is trying to fight a 21st century pandemic with prehistoric clinical trials -- and achieving the kind of efficiency you might expect.

In the last six months, tens of thousand of patients have been enrolled in thousands of clinical trials all over the world, yet these studies have produced actionable answers on only three agents: remdesivir, dexamethasone and hydroxychloroquine.

While it is possible that only remdesivir and dexamethasone, of the hundreds of agents evaluated, are effective, it is more likely that the poor quality of the studies has prevented identification of other useful therapies.

Delays in finding treatment options for COVID-19, especially in view of the resources and number of patients who have received some type of experimental treatment, are unacceptable. These delays represent a collective failure of investigators, funders,

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