Can the economy be saved by your right to choose COVID testing?

Guest commentary: Free virus and antibody testing for all Americans would more than pay for itself

Combined virus and antibody testing is our best opportunity to identify those who can immediately but carefully return to work, and in doing so restart the economy while minimizing the epidemic’s resurgence.

We argue that free testing for all citizens will more than pay for itself, and it wouldn’t have to be mandatory to make a difference.

Recent modeling data from Georgia Institute of Technology in Nature Medicine predicted impressive results for a “shield immunity” strategy that would use serological data “to identify and deploy” recovered individuals and reduce the length and burden of disease.

We have previously advocated for the combined use of tests for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and tests for antibodies, that should be available via home kits.

In addition, we have made the case that there are times when it is in the best

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