End of the beginning for vaccines and the post-pandemic future: a BioCentury podcast

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In the latest edition of BioCentury’s weekly podcast, Washington Editor Steve Usdin talks with his colleagues about the status of COVID-19 vaccines, the likely need for cocktails of therapeutics for the infection, and what the post-pandemic future might look like.

Executive Editor Selina Koch discusses BioCentury’s recent roundup comparing the timelines and manufacturing capacity of leading vaccines (see “End of the Beginning for COVID-19 Vaccines”).

Associate Editor Karen Tkach Tuzman discusses the promises and unanswered questions about DNA and RNA vaccine platforms (see “Good Test Hunting” and “FDA Tightens Reins on COVID-19 Antibody Testing”).

Editor in Chief Simone Fishburn argues for the need for a multipronged approach for COVID-19 including development of novel therapeutics and combinations of treatments.

Fishburn also discusses how the biopharma industry could come through the pandemic stronger, with enough cash still available to fund good science and a more selective filter improving the signal to noise ratio (see “The Biopharma Ecosystem Might Emerge with a Better Landscape”).

Further analysis of the coronavirus crisis can be found at https://www.biocentury.com/coronavirus.

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