BioNTech’s approach to matching technologies to tumors

How BioNTech is choosing which technologies to apply to different cancer settings

Though often compared to Moderna, BioNTech is not an mRNA company -- it’s a cancer company. The German biotech has amassed six different technologies in its 12-year history to address the entire continuum of solid tumor settings. In a discussion with BioCentury, CBO and chief commercial officer Sean Marett laid out BioNTech’s strategy for matching technologies to cancer indications.

“Moderna asked the question ‘we have this technology, where can we deploy it to have impact.’ We asked ‘what technologies do we need to treat cancer given the heterogeneity between patients,’” said Marett. “The company was built with a focus on each patient is different, with a tumor that is highly heterogeneous; therefore you need different approaches.”

Marett said BioNTech’s guiding principle

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