Stephen Hahn’s road to White Oak

Stephen Hahn’s confirmation as FDA commissioner hinges on factors beyond his control

The path to Stephen Hahn’s confirmation as FDA commissioner is enveloped in clouds of flavored vapor, littered with piles of Impossible Burgers, and passes tanks filled with precocious fish.

The Trump administration’s policies on regulating e-cigarettes, ersatz meat and genetically modified salmon top a list of contentious issues that could prompt senators to hold up a confirmation vote.

Hahn’s advocates inside and outside government are working to clear away these and other obstacles to a quick decision that will land Hahn in FDA’s White Oak campus.

There is a sense of urgency to get the Senate to confirm Hahn this year, to avoid it getting stuck behind the impeachment trial or mired in campaign politics.

So far, none of the potential stumbling blocks involve concerns about Hahn’s character,

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