Mark Schoenebaum: Setting the gold standard

Mark Schoenebaum set the gold standard for biopharma equity analysis

In a business dominated by numbers, calculations, dollars and cents, Mark Schoenebaum understood that humanity, kindness and humility are paramount.

This understanding gave him a boost that allowed him to reinvent what it means to be a biopharma equity analyst and to set the gold standard for the profession.

Schoenebaum’s views shaped the way investors viewed the industry and how biopharma executives thought about their competitors and their own companies.

More importantly, he made people feel that they and the world were better because he was a part of their lives.

The stories told at the lectern, among the hundreds who gathered in New York on September 6 to celebrate Mark’s life, echoed with reminders of his infectious humor and generosity. Many recounted how he’d given them -- a friend, colleague or competitor - help, advice, a job.

“He would level with you, both if he liked things about your company or he didn’t, and if he didn’t he would always offer helpful thoughts.”

Ron Cohen, Acorda Therapeutics

Robyn Karnauskas described how Schoenebaum hired her, a scientist with no experience in finance, as a financial analyst. “He saw something in me that I didn’t see.” She said that in remembering him, her colleagues said

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