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Highlights of public-private partnerships from 3Q17

After a slow second quarter, pharmas have stepped up their activity in public-private partnerships, announcing 13 in 3Q17, compared with only five in the quarter before. The deals bring the third quarter total to 56, almost double the number signed in the same quarter last year, and putting the numbers on track to match or exceed the year total of 2016.

The numbers suggest the drop in new PPPs last year compared with 2015 may have been a dip rather than a trend, with this year’s numbers leveling off, if not growing, and remaining constant through all three quarters. But in all, the activity is far off the heyday of 2012 (see “PPPs and Consortia Activity by Quarter”).

Figure: PPP and consortia activity by quarter

Since 2011, BioCentury has been tracking public-private partnerships (PPPs) that are preclinical research deals between at least one company and at least one institution or public partner, providing one quantitative measure of industry’s move to external innovation. The total number of PPPs formed (left) show relative consistency for the past four quarters, but overall numbers are still down from the peak in 2012. The total number of consortia announced (right) -- which BioCentury considers as a PPP with four or

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