A1M for preeclampsia

How A1M Pharma is going upstream in preeclampsia

A poor understanding of disease biology and a challenging development pathway have kept most drug developers away from the serious pregnancy complication preeclampsia, but A1M Pharma AB has a new approach with a first-in-class therapy that intervenes in the disease process upstream of the dangerous symptoms. Using a recombinant form of A1M - a scavenger of heme and reactive oxygen species (ROS) - the company believes it can protect against tissue damage and provide a treatment that avoids preterm delivery.

Last month, the company announced its first therapeutic candidate, RMC-035, a recombinant form of A1M based on research from Lund University that showed the protein is up-regulated in the placenta in response to preeclampsia-induced oxidative stress

"The largest challenge for therapeutics in preeclampsia is the fact that we still poorly understand the mechanisms of disease," said Matthew Cooper. "Because there's no consensus on what the cause of preeclampsia is, it is difficult to identify which pathways you should target to treat the causal elements of the disease rather than their consequences."

Cooper was CEO and founder of preeclampsia diagnostic company Carmenta Bioscience Inc., which was acquired

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