KCC2 escape from neuropathic pain

A Canadian team has published preclinical proof of concept that activating a transporter called KCC2 represents a new mechanism for treating neuropathic pain.1 The group expects that compounds against the ion transporter will be safer than marketed neuropathic pain drugs because its effects are restricted to malfunctioning neurons.

The next step is developing more drug-like molecules against KCC2 (solute carrier family 12 potassium-chloride transporter member 5; SLC12A5) as the first iteration of activators had bioavailability issues.

Neuropathic pain is caused by insults to the nervous system that disrupt the balance between excitatory, pain-causing stimuli and inhibitory, pain-suppressing stimuli. This imbalance can persist long after the initial insult.2

The condition, also called hyperalgesia, is treated with a variety of compounds against a

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