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One of the most active areas of strategic repositioning in the translational space in 2011 occurred at the level of public-private partnerships established to expand corporate research portfolios and strengthen institutional research programs.

To gain an accurate picture of what really went on, SciBX performed a comprehensive analysis of public-private partnership (PPP) activity worldwide and contrasted it to early stage venture investing during the same period.

Highlights include the emergence of New York as a translational hub, the impact of nongovernmental funding on infectious disease research compared with the more muted VC support of this area, and the high interest of foreign companies in funding research in China.

Location, location

Globally, the U.S. continued to dominate the PPP landscape, with about half of the deals involving a U.S. institution or a U.S. company (see "Breakdown of global public-private partnerhsips by companies and institutions" and "Leaders in the number of public-private partnerships"). A more detailed look at the data, however, provides several interesting regional

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