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The taxpayer-backed Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas is moving downstream from its initial focus on basic research in oncology. This month, the institute announced its latest round of grants-this time focusing on both translational- and commercial-stage research, the latter of which includes recruiting companies to relocate to Texas.

The Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) launched in 2007, after a voter-backed constitutional amendment authorized a $3 billion bond issue for cancer research and prevention within the state, and issued its first grants in 2009. In the latest round, 25 entities received about $81 million. In total, CPRIT now has given out 387 grants worth about $671 million.

CPRIT has a broad remit for how to spend its money, about $300 million annually for 10 years, said Charles Tate. Tate is a member of CPRIT's Oversight Committee and chairman of CPRIT's Economic Development and Commercialization Subcommittee.

Tate said CPRIT is required to spend no

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