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12:03 PM, Jan 26, 2017  |  BC Innovations | Translation in Brief

Pickpocketed orphans

While G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) make good drug targets when the ligand is known, about 100 …
receptors with ligands that could serve as starting points for drug development. The system, dubbed GPCR-CoINPocket …
GPCR contact-informed neighboring pocket), was described last month in a Nature Chemical Biology paper from the …
12:00 AM, Feb 12, 2015  |  BC Innovations | Translation in Brief

Heptares up to PAR2

has solved the long sought-after X-ray structure of Protease-activated receptor ( PAR2 ), a difficult-to-express GPCR
and osteoarthritis - but has thus far eluded drug developers. The receptor differs from most GPCRs …
Heptares has a membrane receptor-stablilizing technology - StaR - that can express and stabilize troublesome GPCRs …
12:00 AM, Nov 13, 2014  |  BC Innovations | Translation in Brief

Translational tidbits

Park Biotech Development Co. Ltd. , a life sciences incubator. 6 Also in October, the GPCR
the goal of defining the structures of at least 200 of the 826 known human GPCRs …
cancer and mental disorders. Research outputs of the not-for-profit consortium, such as 3D structures of GPCRs …
12:00 AM, Jan 30, 2014  |  BC Innovations | Translation in Brief

Translational tidbits

screening business. "We had previously used Axxam as a screening partner for ion channels and GPCRs …
Domain Therapeutics S.A. McGill University; University of Montreal Diagnostics Undisclosed Partnership to develop biosensors using GPCR