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12:00 AM, Jul 25, 2011  |  BioCentury | Regulation

Fill in the blanks

that there are other people in the population who may have similar susceptibilities," said Mark Avigan
12:00 AM, Jun 23, 2008  |  BioCentury | Regulation

The Pastiche of risk

agency officials noted enforcement may become easier under the new FDA Amendments Act (FDAAA). Mark Avigan
not, then how would we learn what those risks are over time with empirical observation.” Avigan
for any sponsor to get enrollment, so we can get at what’s going on.” Thus, Avigan
12:00 AM, Dec 18, 2006  |  BioCentury | Regulation

Science Friction

is a difference in the incidence of ALF" between Ketek, moxifloxacin, and gatifloxacin, replied Mark Avigan