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BCIQ Criteria List
To view or edit BCIQ criteria lists, select BCIQ Criteria List under the List Management tab. Here you will see all of the previously saved criteria sets from all of the different BCIQ modules. To change the name or the description of a particular criteria set, click that criteria set’s name and a pop-up window will appear containing the criteria set. Click on Rename Criteria to rename or change the description. To Delete or Edit a particular criteria set, place a check mark next to a named criteria set and then click on one of the options above the table.

To edit an existing criteria set:

Click on that criteria set’s name, and a pop-up window will appear containing the criteria set and options on how you can modify it.
  • To change criteria:
    • Click on the filter name you wish to alter.
      • The filter choices will appear on the right, make your modifications and hit the Add button.
      • The new criteria for that filter will appear under the filter name.
  • To save changes to your criteria set:
    • Click Save Criteria.
  • To apply the criteria directly to the appropriate module:
    • Click Save and Apply.
    • The tools window will close and the browser will re-direct to the appropriate module and the criteria will load automatically.
  • To save the criteria set under a different name:
    • Click Save Criteria As.
    • A pop-up window will appear that will allow you to name the new criteria set and to give it a description.
  • To delete the criteria:
    • Click Delete Criteria.

To delete an existing criteria set:
  • Place a check mark in the box next to the criteria set you would like to delete.
  • Click Delete Selected Criteria.

To create a new criteria set:
  • Click on Create New Criterion and select the module you would like to use to create your new criteria set.
  • You will be taken to the module you selected. Follow the instructions on the page to create a report and then click Save Criteria above table to save the criteria set you used to create your output.