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5:03 PM, Feb 21, 2018  |  BC Extra | Company News

United Therapeutics slips on further delays for RemoSynch

United Therapeutics Corp. (NASDAQ:UTHR) fell $12.79 to $122.17, losing $553 million in market cap, after reporting during its 4Q17 earnings call Wednesday that RemoSynch, the implantable drug infusion system for Remodulin treprostinil, will launch "within...
4:55 PM, Feb 21, 2018  |  BC Extra | Politics & Policy

Trump Administration outlines plans for Medicare, Medicaid reforms

The Trump Administration outlined a plan to reform Medicaid and Medicare and reduce "free-riding" by foreign markets in the joint Economic Report of the President and Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers released...
4:13 PM, Feb 21, 2018  |  BC Extra | Preclinical News

New fluorination method expands medicinal chemistry toolbox

In a paper published in Nature, a group from the Max Planck Institute and Harvard University describe a method to fluorinate a wider array of aromatic carbon-hydrogen bonds than currently available methods allow. The method...
3:41 PM, Feb 21, 2018  |  BC Extra | Company News

CDC panel recommends AZ's FluMist for 2018-19 season

The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted 12-2 in favor of recommending FluMist Quadrivalent from AstraZeneca plc (LSE:AZN; NYSE:AZN) as an age-appropriate option for flu prevention for the 2018-2019 influenza season, according to...
3:28 PM, Feb 21, 2018  |  BC Extra | Company News

Ipsen seeks to invest in early stage innovation with Arix

Life sciences investment firm Arix Bioscience plc (LSE:ARIX) partnered with Ipsen Group (Euronext:IPN; Pink:IPSEY) to create new companies focused on developing and commercializing "innovative therapies" in undisclosed indications. Arix said it could not provide details...
3:27 PM, Feb 21, 2018  |  BC Extra | Politics & Policy

EU expert panel offers recommendations for innovative pricing models

In response to a request for opinion on innovative pricing models from the European Commission, an expert panel said it is "unlikely that a single payment model will be optimal for all situations." The panel...
3:12 PM, Feb 21, 2018  |  BC Extra | Clinical News

Mesoblast's MSCs meet in Phase III for acute GvHD

Mesoblast Ltd. (ASX:MSB; NASDAQ:MESO) said remestemcel-L (MSC-100-IV) met the primary endpoint in a Phase III trial to treat steroid-refractory acute graft-versus-host disease (GvHD). The company said full data from the trial, which are expected next...
2:48 PM, Feb 21, 2018  |  BC Extra | Politics & Policy

Australia legislates lower drug prices

The Australian government passed legislation that mandates steeper price cuts to drugs on the country's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). The law increases the statutory price reduction applied to a drug upon approval of the first...
2:22 PM, Feb 21, 2018  |  BC Extra | Company News

Merck buying oncolytic virus play Viralytics for $398M

Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK) will acquire oncolytic immunotherapy company Viralytics Ltd. (ASX:VLA; OTCQX:VRACY) for A$1.75 per share, or A$502 million ($398 million). The price is a 182% premium to Viralytics’ close of A$0.62 on...
1:51 PM, Feb 21, 2018  |  BC Extra | Financial News

Oric raises $50M series C

Oric Pharmaceuticals Inc. (South San Francisco, Calif.) raised $50 million in a series C round from new investors Fidelity Management & Research, Trinitas Capital, Taiho Ventures and NS Investment. Existing investors, including The Column Group,...