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5:38 PM Jul 18, 2019

Why GammaDelta would do its Takeda build-to-buy all over again

Two years in, GammaDelta says the $100 million Takeda option deal it signed months after launching gave the company a boost that would have been hard to come by any other way.

5:16 PM Jul 18, 2019

A mark up for RNA epigenetics

As a field, RNA epigenetics is still in its infancy, though picking up pace as researchers translate lab findings to drug development. Two papers straddling academia and industry provide a new...

3:59 PM Jul 18, 2019

Neoleukin emerges with a de novo approach to improving biologics

With a platform to design proteins from scratch, Neoleukin is making a new class of biologics that resemble their endogenous protein counterparts in structure, but not in sequence. The strategy...

7:33 PM Jul 12, 2019

How crossover, insider support and big money correlated with performance across 1H19 IPOs

The performance of 1H19 IPOs point toward a continuation of a dual-class system where biotechs backed by deep-pocketed VCs and crossover investors can tap the public market at will and generate...

6:30 PM Jul 12, 2019

Broadening role for external control arms in clinical trials

External control arms are moving from theory to practice as drug developers begin to use them to make internal go/no-go decisions for clinical programs and to support regulatory applications. The...