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As published Thursday, April 10, 2014

  • Cover Story: Pre-EMP-tive strike against GBM

    By Michael J. Haas, Senior Writer

    Pre-EMP-tive strike against GBM

    University of California, Los Angeles researchers have treated glioblastoma in mice by inhibiting epithelial membrane protein 2.1 The findings open up a new indication for spinout Paganini Biopharma Inc., which has a mAb against the target in development for triple-negative breast cancer.

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  • Positioning properdin

    Researchers at the University of Leicester have shown that a recombinant properdin produced in collaboration with The Medicines Co. has markedly higher antibacterial activity than the native protein. The researchers are now working to improve the recombinant protein's activity and homogeneity.

  • Catastrophic vacuolization

    Karolinska Institute scientists have attacked glioblastoma multiforme by inducing an unconventional cell death pathway involving catastrophic vacuolization. The team identified a small molecule that prolonged survival in mouse GBM, but a combination approach with a conventional anticancer agent will likely be necessary in the clinic.

  • Toxic assets

    A tool for in vivo detection of liver toxicity could represent a substantial improvement over in vitro methods. The litmus test for the Stanford University inventors will be to show that the nanoparticle-based method can detect toxicity in compounds that previously eluded standard analysis and later failed in the clinic.


  • This Week in Therapeutics

    Allosteric inhibition of thrombin to prevent blood clots and thrombosis; FXR activation by vertical sleeve gastrectomy to counter obesity; antagonism of HRD1 to treat liver cirrhosis; and more...

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  • This Week in Techniques

    A mouse model for ovarian cancer with pituitary-specific estrogen receptor knockout; CAIX-targeted small molecule-drug conjugates; small molecule inhibitors of microRNA processing; and more...

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