Translational Notes: Biotech kibbutz 


Table 1. Johnson & Johnson Innovation's deal pipeline. Source: Johnson & Johnson press release

J&J site


Disease area


Boston Innovation Center

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Research Center


Translational oncology research alliance for personalized immunotherapy


Intrexon Corp. (NYSE:XON)


Skin and hair care products


Scholar Rock LLC

Autoimmune disease; cancer

Transforming growth factor-b1 (TGFB1) activators

California Innovation Center

Assembly Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Infectious disease

Curative therapies for HBV


Nodality Inc.

Autoimmune disease

Pharmacogenetics and companion diagnostics for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)


SutroVax Inc.

Infectious disease

Joint venture with Sutro Biopharma Inc. to develop a cell-free platform for vaccine synthesis

London Innovation Center

Bioceros B.V.


mAb against an undisclosed immune checkpoint regulator to enhance antitumor immunity


TopiVert Ltd.


Kinase modulators for ophthalmic and GI inflammatory diseases