Translational Notes: A conversation with Gregory Verdine


Table 1. Companies developing new classes of peptide-based therapeutics.


Platform technology

Clinical stage programs

Aileron Therapeutics Inc.

Chemically cross-linked helices


Anchor Therapeutics Inc.

Lipopeptides for modulating G protein-coupled receptors


Angiochem Inc.

Blood brain barrier-penetrating peptides conjugated to drugs

Partner Geron Corp. (NASDAQ:GERN) to start Phase II trial of GRN1005 (ANG1005), an angiopep-2 vector conjugated to three paclitaxel molecules, in 2H11 to treat brain metastases

Bicycle Therapeutics Ltd.

Chemically constrained bicyclic peptides


Cosmix Verwaltungs GmbH



Esperance Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Membrane-disrupting peptides conjugated to ligands

EP-100, a fusion protein consisting of a luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) ligand conjugated to a membrane-disrupting peptide, is in Phase I testing for various cancers

Mercator Therapeutics Inc.

Targeting peptides conjugated to drugs


Pepscan Therapeutics B.V.

Chemically constrained peptides


PeptiDream Inc.

Cyclic peptides incorporating non-natural amino acids


Polyphor Ltd.

Cyclic peptide-like molecules that mimic protein epitopes

POL7080, a modified peptide targeting the Pseudomonas LPS-assembly protein (OstA; LptD; lmp), is in Phase I trials for pseudomonas infections

Ra Pharmaceuticals Inc.