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Influenza A virus hemagglutinin (HA)

In vitro and mouse studies suggest CR8043 could be used as a broadly neutralizing mAb-based immunotherapy for influenza. CR8043 was produced by memory B cells obtained from donors vaccinated with seasonal influenza vaccine. In mice, CR8043 protected against H3N2 and H7N2 virus-induced death. In in vitro binding and trypsin cleavage studies, the mAb bound to a conserved epitope on the HA stem, inhibited conformational changes required for membrane fusion and prevented cleavage of HA that is required for infection. Next steps could include using the structure of CR8043 to guide design of a protein scaffold for vaccine studies.
Johnson & Johnson's Crucell N.V. unit collaborated on this study and also has the HA-targeting, broadly neutralizing antibody CR6261 in Phase I trials to treat influenza.

SciBX 7(4); doi:10.1038/scibx.2014.117
Published online Jan. 30, 2014

Patent and licensing status undisclosed

Friesen, R.H.E. et al. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA; published online
Dec. 11, 2013;
Contact: Ian A. Wilson, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, Calif.
Contact: Jaap Goudsmit, Johnson & Johnson Crucell Vaccine Institute, Leiden, the Netherlands