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E1A binding protein p300 (EP300; p300)

Studies in mice suggest inhibiting p300 could help treat cancer by promoting antitumor immunity. In an immunocompetent mouse model of cancer, animals with Treg-specific p300 knockout had lower tumor growth and tumor Treg infiltration and greater CD8+ T cell infiltration than mice without p300 knockout. In two immunocompetent mouse models of cancer, a small molecule p300 inhibitor increased antitumor immune responses and decreased tumor growth compared with vehicle. Next steps include testing more potent inhibitors of p300 with better pharmacokinetics.
Acylin Therapeutics Inc. has p300 inhibitors in preclinical development.

SciBX 6(37); doi:10.1038/scibx.2013.1022
Published online Sept. 26, 2013

Patent application filed; available for licensing

Liu, Y. et al. Nat. Med.; published online Aug. 18, 2013;
Contact: Wayne W. Hancock,
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.