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Gastrointestinal cancer

IL-11; IL-11 receptor

Studies in human samples and mice suggest inhibiting IL-11 signaling could help treat gastrointestinal cancers. In patient tumor samples and in a mouse model of chemically induced colorectal cancer, IL-11 levels were higher than those in unaffected GI tissue. In a mouse model of spontaneous GI cancer, genetic depletion of an Il-11 receptor subunit decreased tumor burden compared with no depletion. In these mice and in two mouse xenograft models of human GI cancer, an IL-11 antagonist decreased tumor burden compared with no treatment. Next steps include validating the findings in additional models of human cancers and developing antibodies against IL-11.

SciBX 6(35); doi:10.1038/scibx.2013.958
Published online Sept. 12, 2013

The concept of using anti-IL-11 or anti-IL-11
receptor antagonists to treat cancer is patented by CSL Ltd. and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Ltd.; licensed to CSL

Putoczki, T.L. et al. Cancer Cell; published online Aug. 12, 2013;
Contact: Matthias Ernst, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Ltd., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Contact: Tracy L. Putoczki, same affiliation as above