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Mouse studies suggest Lactobacillus johnsonii supplementation could help prevent ataxia-telangiectasia−associated B cell lymphomas. In a mouse model of ataxia telangiectasia, mice from a colony with late lymphoma onset and longer lifespans had higher amounts of L. johnsonii in the gut than did mice from a colony with early lymphoma onset and shorter lifespans. In mice with earlier lymphoma onset, oral administration of L. johnsonii decreased markers of lymphoma risk such as systemic micronucleus formation, inflammation and DNA damage compared with saline administration. Next steps include identifying additional bacterial strains that could be used to reduce lymphoma incidence and progression in the mouse model.
Corresponding author Robert Schiestl has founded Microbio Pharma Inc. to commercialize the findings (see B cell lymphoma and the microbiome, page 1).

SciBX 6(31); doi:10.1038/scibx.2013.818
Published online Aug. 15, 2013

Covered by two pending patents; licensing details available from corresponding authors

Yamamoto, M.L. et al. Cancer Res.; published online July 15, 2013;
Contact: Robert H. Schiestl, University of California, Los Angeles, Calif.
Contact: James Borneman, University of California, Riverside, Calif.