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Brain cancer

Integrin b1 (CD29)

In vitro and mouse studies suggest CD29 inhibitors could help treat Avastin bevacizumab-resistant glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). In cultures of Avastin-treated or Avastin-resistant primary GBM cells, CD29 expression was greater than that in untreated or bevacizumab-sensitive cells. In mice with Avastin-resistant orthotopic xenograft GBM tumors, an anti-CD29 antibody (OS2966) decreased tumor growth compared with an inactive control IgG. In mice with Avastin-sensitive xenograft GBM tumors, OS2966 plus low-dose Avastin decreased tumor growth compared with low-dose Avastin plus control IgG. Ongoing work by OncoSynergy Inc. includes testing OS2966 in models of recurrent GBM and pancreatic cancer.
Roche and its Genentech Inc. and Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. units market Avastin, a humanized mAb against VEGF, to treat brain, breast and colorectal cancers.

SciBX 6(20); doi:10.1038/scibx.2013.484
Published online May 23, 2013

Patented by The Regents of the University of California; licensed to OncoSynergy; available for partnering

Carbonell, W.S. et al. Cancer Res.; published online May 3, 2013;
W. Shawn Carbonell, University of California, San Francisco, Calif.