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Musculoskeletal disease

Muscular atrophy; muscular dystrophy

Hexamethylene bis-acetamide inducible 1 (HEXIM1)

Mouse studies suggest inhibiting HEXIM1 signaling could help enhance muscle repair and regeneration. Hexim1+/- mice had greater muscle regeneration following injury than wild-type controls. In wild-type mice, transplanted Hexim1+/- satellite cells showed higher proliferative capacity and led to greater muscle regeneration than transplanted wild-type satellite cells. Next steps could include screening for compounds that reduce HEXIM1 signaling.

SciBX 5(41); doi:10.1038/scibx.2012.1089
Published online Oct. 18, 2012

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Hong, P. et al. J. Clin. Invest.; published online Oct. 1, 2012;
Contact: M.A.Q. Siddiqui, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.