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Trifluoromethylation chemistry for PET radioligand synthesis

A synthetic chemistry method could help generate PET imaging probes using common pharmacophores. A reagent for labeling aryl and heteroaryl groups with an 18F-bearing trimethyl moiety was used to create radiolabelled versions of the generic neuropsychiatric drug fluoxetine and the generic oncology drug flutamide. Next steps include extending the method to other aryl and heteroaryl pharmacophores and testing radiolabelled probes in animal models of disease.

SciBX 6(41); doi:10.1038/scibx.2013.1167
Published online Oct. 24, 2013

Patent and licensing status undisclosed

Huiban, M. et al. Nat. Chem.; published online Sept. 8, 2013;
Contact: Jan Passchier, Imperial College London, London, U.K.

Contact: Véronique Gouverneur, University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K.