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Dendritic cell (DC)-mediated delivery of tacrolimus to autoreactive T cells

In vitro and mouse studies suggest DCs could be useful for delivering Prograf to treat autoimmune diseases. In cell culture, DCs treated with Prograf sequestered and slowly released the drug over at least 72 hours. In a mouse model of collagen-induced arthritis, transplantation of DCs previously treated ex vivo with Prograf led to decreased arthritis severity compared with transplantation of untreated cells. Next steps include further defining potential autoantigens and more thorough safety testing.
Astellas Pharma Inc. markets Prograf tacrolimus for various transplant and autoimmune indications.

SciBX 6(7); doi:10.1038/scibx.2013.176
Published online Feb. 21, 2013

Patent and licensing status undisclosed

Orange, D.E. et al. eLIFE;
published online Feb. 5, 2013;
Contact: Robert B. Darnell,
The Rockefeller University, New York, N.Y.
Contact: Dana E. Orange,
same affiliation as above