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Serum protein panel for identifying type 1 diabetes

An assay of serum peptides could help identify patients with type 1 diabetes. In serum samples from patients with type 1 diabetes and healthy controls, proteomics analyses identified 24 proteins that were significantly associated with the disease (p<0.05). A multiplexed peptide assay was created to detect and quantify 52 peptides that are surrogates for the 24 identified proteins. In blinded serum samples from independent patient cohorts, the peptide assay distinguished patients with type 1 diabetes from healthy subjects and from patients with type 2 diabetes. Next steps include validating the predictive capabilities of the peptide assay in additional patient cohorts.

SciBX 6(3); doi:10.1038/scibx.2013.67
Published online Jan. 24, 2013

Patent application filed; available for licensing from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Technology Transfer
Contact: Ron Thomas, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Wash.

Zhang, Q. et al. J. Exp. Med.; published online Dec. 31, 2012;
Contact: Thomas O. Metz, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Wash.
Contact: Qibin Zhang, same affiliation as above